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Foto: Tsaplya, Oleynikov and Vilensky: Angry Sandwichpeople or In Praise of Dialectics, 2005, Videostill.

The Weight of History | Artist Talk und Roundtable

Situation der zeitgenössischen Kunst in Russland: Diskussionsrunde mit Chto Delat?, Mari Bastashevski, Artjom Loskutow (Nowosibirsk), mit Moderation von Anatoly Shuravlev (Berlin/ Moskau)

Fr 13.10. | 19:30 Uhr

2014 schrieb Anna Kaminski enthusiastisch, eine „Explosion zeitgenössischer Kunst“ fege über Russland hinweg. Von St. Petersburg bis Moskau würden Galerien und Künstlerwerkstätten eröffnet.

Straßenkunst und Biennalen für zeitgenössische Kunst rückten ins Rampenlicht. Wie ist die Situation der zeitgenössischen Kunst in Russland heute?

Szenenkenner präsentieren ihre Erfahrung und treten in ein Streitgespräch, moderiert von Anatoly Shuravlev (Berlin/ Moskau, Russischer Pavillon 53. Biennale von Venedig 2009).

Der Talk und Roundtable findet in englisch-deutscher Moderation statt mit Künstlerin Mari Bastashevski, Artjom Loskutow und Anatoly Shuravlev.

Kuratiert von Heidi Brunnschweiler

Do 12.10.–So 19.11.2017, Ausstellung

Do & Fr 17 h – 20 h | Sa 14 h – 20 h | So 14 h – 18 h
The Weight of History, Contemporary Art from Russia, 100 Years after the Russian Revolution, Mari Bastashevski, Chto Delat?, Ilya Kabakov & Emilia Kabakov, Arseny Zhilyaev, Anton Vidokle und Rahul Jain

curated by Heidi Brunnschweiler

Fri 13 October–19 November 2017, Exhibition

Fri 13 October 2017, 7.30 pm, Artist’s Talk |
Contemporary Art in Russia, Conditions and Functions, Round Table with Chto Delat, Mari Bastashevski and Artjom Loskutow (Nowosibirsk), moderated by Anatoly Shuravlev, Berlin and Moscow, Kammertheater, E-WERK

Fri 3 November 2017, 7.30 pm, Video Screening and Talk
Video art from Russia since 1990, Kathrin Becker, Berlin, Director Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Curator Moscow Biennale for Young Art 2012
Kammertheater, E-WERK

Sun 12 November 2017 Revolution and Architecture
18.30, Film, Isa Willinger, Fort von allen Sonnen 7 Away from all Suns, 2013, Architecture of the Russian Avantgarde
20.00, Performance, Donatas Grudovich, Activist Moscow
Followed by a conversation with film director Isa Willinger and Donatas Grudovich
In cooperation with the Forum for Architecture, Freiburg, Saal, E-WERK

Sun 19 November, 5pm Finissage

Weight of History, Contemporary Art from Russia, 100 Years after the Russian Revolution

The Russian Revolution was marked by the vision of a new, socially just society and the aspiration of its actual implementation. In 1917, the gate into the future seemed to be wide open and spurred utopian projects. The avant-garde artists took to the task of designing the new era. The exhibition „Weight of History“ investigates how contemporary artists form Russia consider the role the Revolution of 1917 and the aftermath of its history today.

The reorganization of the work under classless conditions was the central demand of 1917. The precarious living conditions of the proletariat, exploited by the labor market, were to disappear. Mari Bastashevski portrays workers under today’s globalized conditions. Her work shows vision and reality coud not be further appart. The still communist China operates as the hardest exploitation in neoliberal expansion struggle.

Chto Delat? (What is to be done?) combines political theory, art, and activism. Founded in 2003 in St. Petersburg by artists, critics, philosophers and writers, the collective asks What is to be done? in the face of contemporary political issues. In Freiburg they continue the series More light!. A lighthouse is built and reminds us of the age of reason in times of tyrannical rule.

The Revolution of 1917 was to transform all spheres of life. Also the museum and its objects. Art should gain practical value and museums should produce the future people as art objects. With the usable installation, Arseny Zhilyaev takes up the new relationship between artist, institution and viewer on the actual effect of art.

Anton Vidokle’s film The Communist Revolution Was Caused By The Sun, 2015, addresses the cosmic theories of Russian Biophysicist Alexander Chizhevsky (1897–1964) in the early Soviet period. He researched the influence of the sun on human behaviour. According to his observations, it was the activity of the sun that caused revolutions, upheavals, and wars.

In Ilya Kabakovs & Emilia Kabakov’s installation a white cube is in the middle of the room. On its top there is a small little sailing boot. If you climb up ladder it comes into view, but can never be reached. The set up can be considered an expression for the discrepancy between vision and reality that shaped the 20th century. Despite enormous efforts, not even the vessel to utopia could be reached.

Gallery for Contemporary Art, E-WERK Freiburg
Eschholzstrasse 77
D-79106 Freiburg

Opening Hours: Thu / Fri 5-8pm, Sat 2–8 pm, Sun 2-–6 pm

Suported by Kulturstiftung des Bundes and Zwetajewa Zentrum Freiburg as part of Searching for Traces, 100th Anniverary of the Russian Revolution. Russian Cultural Festival in Freiburg i.Br.

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